Overriding Scripts >> wip <<

If you have a mod ( or the stock game ) and you want to change the behaviour of its scripts, you can simple override them. The introductory example ( welcome message script ) already showed an example of overriding the _callbacksetup.gsc script. _callbacksetup.gsc is already present in the stock scripts, and is usually loaded from one of the numerous iwd/ff files in the main/zone folder of your server. However, we can replace the original version by copying the scripts and putting it in the same virtual path as the original file. All paths inside .iwd, .ff archives and some more special folders are loaded into the same virtual file system root.

A practical example to clarify the virtual filesystem: Suppose we have two iwd archives named main\common_mp.ff and main\localized_english_iw07.iwd. If both of the archives contain the same file they would override eachother. Suppose we want to override _callbacksetup.gsc. The original _callbacksetup.gsc resides in common_mp.ff/maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsc. To override it we can copy its contents ( from here ) and put it into zone/localized_english_iw07.iwd/_callbacksetup.gsc. Since it is tedious to pack scripts into archives each development iteration it is also possible to load scripts from plain folders e.g.: main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsc to follow the example above.

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