Quickstart - Running your first script!

In this chapter we develop a small welcome script. It will wait for a player to connect to the server, and write a welcome message to his screen. To follow this tutorial make sure you have a running CoD4x server first.

Set up your scriptfile

Inside the serverfolder create a new folder called main_shared1. Inside main_shared create a file called welcome.gsc. This file will contain our code.

        level waittill("connected", player); // Waits until a new player connects - player stored in "player" variable.
        player thread welcome(); // Execute a new thread for "player".

    // "player" is referenced as "self" now.
    self endon("disconnect"); // If player was connected but left without spawning, thread will lock because of next statement.
    self waittill("spawned_player"); // Waits until the player spawned.
    self iprintlnbold("Welcome " + self.name); // Writes the welcome message bold and centered on the player's screen.

Execute the script

Just because a script or function is present, doesn't mean it also gets executed. You not only tell them how to jump, you also tell them when to jump. Do not worry yet about the following lines, what's happening will be explained later.

Create a file called _callbacksetup.gsc inside main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes. Fill it with the contents of this file: https://github.com/D4edalus/CoD4MW/blob/master/raw/maps/mp/gametypes/_callbacksetup.gsc. To run our script we are going to edit the existing CodeCallback_StartGameType function.

    // If the gametype has not beed started, run the startup.
    if(!isDefined(level.gametypestarted) || !level.gametypestarted)

          level.gametypestarted = true; // So we know that the gametype has been started up.

          thread welcome::init(); // Initializes the welcome script.

1: main_shared is not only one possibility to load custom scripts on the CoD4x server. Most certainly the easiest and the best one for development.

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