Custom Maps

Modded CoD4 servers have the ability to run with user created maps.

To run a server with a custom map, it has to first be placed in the usermaps folder. In case that folder does not yet exist in your server directory just create it. Just like mods, connecting clients will have to download these maps first before playing them. As the CoD4 servers download speed is quite low, setting up a fast download server is recommended.

├── usermaps
│   ├── mp_nuketown
│   │   ├── mp_nuketown.ff
│   │   ├── mp_nuketown.iwd
│   │   ├── mp_nuketown_load.ff

Typically, maps are prefixed by mp_ following the maps name.

Running custom maps on unmodded servers

Running custom maps on unmodded servers is not supported, but there is a neat workaround to still load custom maps. First create a mods folder and some empty folder inside it.

├── mods
│   ├── myemptymod

Now set fs_game to mods/myemptymod and you will be able to run custom maps.

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